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Did COVID-19 Cause Depression? Dr. Meyer Explains

Depression has increased drastically since the start of COVID-19. Many experts point to the rise in isolation due to the pandemic as part of the reason, but as discussed with Segal Trials’ Dr. Caitlin Meyer, isolation is only one aspect. We sat down with Dr. Meyer to better understand the impact COVID-19 has had on the world’s mental health, the rates of depression, and a growing isolated population.

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Clinical Research Studies for Depression

We Chose a Clinical Trial to Help Treat Depression and Here's Why

Major depressive disorder (MDD) or Depression is often described as having a loss of interest in daily activities and feeling hopeless. As discussed in our previous blog with Dr. Kakar, A Board Certified Psychiatrist Shares Surprising Facts About Depression, while those are common symptoms, depression varies by every individual. Depression varies by treatments, triggers, and the impact of MDD on a person’s life. In this blog, we’re unpacking those differences and sharing patients’ insights on clinical trials. 

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A Board Certified Psychiatrist Shares Surprising Facts About Depression


Depression is often thought of as feeling sad. While sadness is a symptom, depression is more complex than people may realize. In an interview with Segal Trials’ Chief Scientific Officer and Medical Director, Dr. Rishi Kakar, MD unpacked the interconnected causes, symptoms, and treatments of depression. In brief, “When you know someone with depression, you only know one depression,” Dr. Kakar stated. Below are the top facts and statistics Dr. Kakar shared about depression that may surprise you.

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