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Bridging the Diversity Gap in Clinical Trials: Our Ongoing Mission

In the evolving landscape of medical research, the inclusion of diverse populations in clinical trials is critical. Each individual's unique genetic background and lifestyle factors significantly influence both the efficacy and safety of new medications. Historically, the lack of diversity in clinical trials has been a glaring issue, with significant repercussions. It has not only failed to address the needs of all populations but has also stifled innovation, costing the pharmaceutical industry billions, as highlighted in recent studies.

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The FDA Panel’s Rejection of MDMA: Not a Stop Sign for the Psychedelic Industry

The team at Segal Trials’ Center for Psychedelic Research closely followed the recent session of the FDA’s Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee. This pivotal meeting focused on the New Drug Application (NDA) submitted by Lykos Therapeutics for MDMA-assisted therapy for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Despite compelling presentations and data showing significant efficacy and a low incidence of serious adverse events, the committee voted against FDA approval. This vote, however, is non-binding, and the FDA’s final decision is expected by August 11, 2024.

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Rishi Kakar, MD from Segal Trials

New Video Alert: Promising Developments in Schizophrenia Treatment with Dr. Kakar

🎥 New Video Alert: Promising Developments in Schizophrenia Treatment with Dr. Kakar

In our continued commitment to long-term schizophrenia research, Segal Trials is excited to share an exclusive video interview with Dr. Kakar, our esteemed CSO and Medical Director at Segal Trials. As a lead investigator for the groundbreaking study on KarXT, he explains the latest data collected, and how it's showing promise for the treatment of schizophrenia.

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Postpartum depression clinical study

Exploring New Frontiers in Postpartum Depression Treatment: A Look at Psychedelics and Ongoing Clinical Studies

Postpartum depression (PPD) continues to be a significant challenge affecting many new mothers, altering the joyous occasion of childbirth into a time of struggle and emotional turmoil. With advances in medical research, new treatment avenues are opening up, offering hope where traditional methods might fall short. One such promising field is the use of psychedelics in treating mood disorders like PPD.

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Workplace Strategies to Handle Toxicity & Promote Mental Health

Welcome to the brighter side of corporate culture, where we not only navigate the choppy waters of workplace dynamics but also offer a lifeline to those struggling with mental health issues like generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, and depression. Today, we'll delve into managing challenging personalities at work and how Segal Trials, a clinical trials company, provides alternative care options to help you thrive both professionally and personally.

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Segal Trials are leaders in Psychedelics Research

The Psychedelic Renaissance: A Leap Forward in Mental Health Treatment

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity has been ushered into what many might call a "new normal," a period marked by profound shifts in our way of life and, notably, in our collective mental health. The psychological aftermath of the pandemic, compounded by other life-altering events, has spotlighted an undeniable crisis: a dramatic surge in mental health issues, burdening an already overwhelmed and antiquated mental health treatment system. Traditional treatments for conditions like addiction, anxiety, depression, and PTSD have remained largely unchanged for decades, sparking a crucial conversation about the need for innovation in mental health care.

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Segal Trials Psychedelics clinical trials now

Psychedelics: a game-changer in mental health?

The resurgence of interest in psychedelics, once sidelined by regulatory crackdowns and societal skepticism, marks a pivotal turn in the quest for effective mental health treatments. Psychedelic drugs, encompassing substances like psilocybin (found in magic mushrooms), LSD, MDMA (ecstasy), and ayahuasca, have moved from the fringes of scientific inquiry to the forefront of innovative psychiatric research. This article delves into how psychedelics are revolutionizing the treatment of mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, addiction, and PTSD, the limitations of current pharmaceutical options, and the promising horizon of psychedelic-assisted therapy, underscored by rigorous clinical research aiming for FDA approval.

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New Clinical Study by Segal Trials: A Revolutionary Approach to Weight Management

Segal Trials' approach to clinical studies represents a significant stride in understanding and managing weight loss challenges. By harnessing technology and focusing on blood sugar control, this study could pave the way for more effective and sustainable weight management strategies.

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